Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty In Pink - Random New Necklaces Alert

Hey dollfaces!

Just letting you know C.A.B. Fayre has some new items
 at our Etsy.com Store:

Store Link: CABfayre.etsy.com

*Pretty In Pink Necklace (with girlie skull and bow)





*Butterfly Necklace made of Vintage Jewelry 

(part of our new line "reVAMPed" Coming Soon!)






*Winged Skull Necklace in Lime Green with Black Diamond Cut Chain

Click Here to View other Winged Skull Necklaces for Sale at our Online Store




*"Pirate Wench's Life for Me" Necklace - (Pink Anchor)

Click Here to View other "Pirate Wench's Life for Me" Necklaces for sale at our Online Store



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anastasia Garcia Photoshoot

C.A.B. Fayre got the chance to work with Anastasia Garcia, a fabulous photographer and an amazing girlie that can literally do it all! 

We heart her to death and love her work! 

Make sure to check out more of her work at: www.anastasiagarciaphoto.com

Here's some of the photographs...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is....

Hi dollfaces! 

I just got done writing all of the contestants names down on little pieces of paper.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all the great comments!

To make things as fair as possible I'm about to put all of your names into a hat and choose the winner that way! I wish I could give you all necklaces!

We will be having lots of Giveaways on this blog so if you don't win this time there will always be next time! Make sure to visit often so you don't miss out on any goodies! (the next giveaway will be one of our hair accessories)

Well here it goes...reaching in the hat...pulling out the winner's name...and the winner is....


Congrats! I will be emailing you soon to get your info!

Well ladies thats that...i'm kinda sad because I want you all to have one but at least there is lots more to giveaway! Keep checking back!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

WIN A Hippie Chic Headband on DesignForMankind.com!

The kickass art/design/style blog, Design for Mankind, (that we totally LOVE) is hosting a giveaway of one of our Hippie Chic Headbands!

This Contest Ends: April 11th so hurry it's the last couple of days!!

Go to:
http://www.designformankind.com/page/3/ scroll down a little ways (or type the word "Hippie" in the search box) and leave a comment for a chance to win!!!

Also check out our Hippie Chic Headbands at our Etsy store:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Become a "Follower" and WIN a Winged Skull Necklace

Become a "follower" of our blog AND leave us a comment on this post below, for a chance to win one of our Winged Skull Necklaces!

The winner will be chosen at random on 4/15/09. Make sure you leave your email address or contact info, if you are not a registered user...I need a way to contact you, if you win.

Examples of our Winged Skull Necklaces:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So here it goes...I'm now an official blogger. Which is probably such a bad idea because I'm awful with words. I have no ability to write as means of communicate, which I thank my father for, I inherited this inability from him. Thank God for spell check!

Hey Hey Hey...

I'm Carey and I own C.A.B. Fayre: My little (soon to be bigger) business adventure that makes jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, and other random things.

I'm all about handmade things! I would rather buy something handmade than from a big heartless company. I also like being somewhat one of a kind...I hate how so many people walk around wearing the same kind of things and in my small town with basically no where to shop it's hard to be original. I'm based out of Bradenton Florida...a sad little unfortunate town with nothing to offer it's creative kickass youth. Hopefully through this blog you can follow me to bigger and better things! This is just the beginning of C.A.B. Fayre and my hopes are to take it to California or anywhere else bigger and better than here and make something kickass of it all! My goal is for this to become my only job and source of income...wish me luck! hahaha 

This blog will keep you updated on what's going on with C.A.B. Fayre, have C.A.B. Fayre product giveaways, introduce you to other artists and websites I love, and other randomness I'm sure!

Thanks for checking it all out!

Me. Carey Ann Borden. Hence C.A.B