Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is....

Hi dollfaces! 

I just got done writing all of the contestants names down on little pieces of paper.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all the great comments!

To make things as fair as possible I'm about to put all of your names into a hat and choose the winner that way! I wish I could give you all necklaces!

We will be having lots of Giveaways on this blog so if you don't win this time there will always be next time! Make sure to visit often so you don't miss out on any goodies! (the next giveaway will be one of our hair accessories)

Well here it goes...reaching in the hat...pulling out the winner's name...and the winner is....


Congrats! I will be emailing you soon to get your info!

Well ladies thats that...i'm kinda sad because I want you all to have one but at least there is lots more to giveaway! Keep checking back!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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