Monday, October 19, 2009

GIVEAWAY ALERT! - WIN a Skull Hair Bow (2 prizes available)

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The winner will be chosen at random on 10/26/09.

Make sure you leave your email address or contact info, if you are not a

registered user...I need a way to contact you, if you win.

There will be 2 winners! Here are the skull hair bows you could win:

(Red or Black)


Ginger said...

its me ginger again! hoping to win this time i LOVE those bows

angelina said...

Dylan stepped on my black one and broke it :(
so I don't have one anymore (:

you already got my info:D

Anonymous said...

C.A.B. Fayre! you have come such a long way in such a short time! i still have some of your first creations, the skull tank top and pirate wenches life necklace. i hope to be ordering more things soon, and i hope to win a bow!

C.A.B. Fayre said...

awwww thanks Phylicia!

sunlovey said...

love them! would love love love to have one! enjoy your creations so very much!

Resa Razorblade said...

I love your things. You are so creative... and everything is soo cute! I would love to win this... the funny thing is my little girl would end up wearing it :)

MistyC said...

I first saw C.A.B. Fayre at the Artober Fest and loved your stuff!! I had my 1 month old and 3 yr old there and wanted to go back to buy those skull bows for me and my oldest daughter but it was sooo hott!! The kids were melting :( But I love your creations!!