Sunday, November 8, 2009

NEW SKIRT! : Black High Waisted Ballerina Skirt

NOW FOR SALE: C.A.B. Fayre's new Black 3 Tier Tulle Skirt with Satin Bow

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This sexy and dramatic high waisted little skirt takes the ballerina tutu to a whole other level.

It features:

2" Elastic waist band

Black comfy knit fabric

3 Layers of shiny soft tulle with ribbon trim

Girlie satin bow

*Skirt in Photos has been shortened for photography.

The ones for sale are longer: Actual Skirt Length: about 16"-17"

Sizes in Stock:

- S/M

- M/L

- L/XL

Elastic waistband allows each skirt to fit a wide range of sizes


Jen Gray said...

Just found your AMAZING stuff on Etsy and I think I'm in LOVE!! I joined your blog as a follower so I can be kept up to date with you! SO stoked to buy some of your Jewelry! I'm totally telling all my girls about ur freakin awesome website! LOVE your work, what a talent!
JEN xoxo

sunlovey said...

skirt's fun. eyes are drawn to the necklace!!

C.A.B. Fayre said...

Thanks Jen! Thats so super sweet of you!

to Sarah Sunlovey: awww thanks, I love those girl cameo necklaces so much I'm going to have to make one for myself!